How to choose a paddle racket among so much variety?

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You start playing a new sport and the first question is about the basic equipment. How to choose a paddle racket? That is the big question that professionals and beginners ask themselves. The answer is not simple, but by attending to some key criteria, the unknown is easily unraveled. Which are? We summarize them below.

How to choose a paddle racket? Pay attention to your level

This is the first and most important variable to consider.How long have you been practicing the sport?How many hours a week are you going to dedicate to it? Do you want to do it professionally or amateurishly? Depending on your answers, you can opt for one option or another.

Beginner level, comfort and ease

The variables to prioritize when you are starting is the lightness and ergonomics of the paddle racket. As you climb levels you will have the opportunity to opt for more solid and demanding options. When you’re starting out, success lies in not avoiding mistakes, rather than scoring a winning point.

Because of this, choose a racket you feel comfortable with and find it easy to hit the ball. The best option is a round blade because its center of gravity is easy to swing. Also, the sweet spot is wider and provides more control.

Medium level, discovering your style

As you feel comfortable playing, you will begin to develop a style. That’s when a tear shovel or drop of water will be ideal. The hit point is still wide, but finding the perfect game will take some practice. However, this type of paddle racket offers a fantastic balance between power and control to find you as a player.

Advanced level and punching players

Time goes by and not only do you have a defined game, but you’re getting good at it. It’s time to climb! The best alternative for this level is the diamond spades. The sweet spot is usually oriented towards the corners, so it is more difficult to hit with the hits. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll become a natural striker.

At this level, matches are usually defined by winning points. In that sense, it is convenient to use an aggressive game. It is best to opt for a high balance and, depending on your game, a weight between 365 and 370 grams.

Comparison of padel rackets

How to choose a paddle tennis racket based on your gender?

Actually, there are no big differences. The only notable thing is the weight. We tell you in short how to differentiate them:

The paddle rackets for women are characterized by a slightly lower weight, between 345 and 355 grams. Of course, the more force, the more weight the arm can support.
In the case of men’s paddle rackets, the weight is rarely less than 360 grams. This will vary based on game type and level.

The best paddle rackets to avoid injuries

What is most relevant when it comes to preventing injuries is the material of the racket. To avoid the transmission of the impact of the blow, the best is the FOAM rubber. Although it does not have the power benefits of EVA rubber, it is softer to the touch and reduces vibration to a minimum. On the other hand, the frame must be made of carbon fiber. This not only results in greater precision, but the racket will be lighter and more resistant.

In short, how to choose a paddle racket? The most important thing is your level and dedication. Then there is your gender and lastly your injury tendency or style of play. Get opinions and practice. In time you will find the perfect shovel.